Capital Petroleum offers a wide range of petroleum products, backed by a solid and timely reputation for delivering high-quality derivatives at competitive prices. We can mix the quality in mixing products to suit the requirements at low cost. We currently operate in two main areas of oil related services: Import and export of all petroleum products in bulk. Refined petroleum products trade The products currently offered are:

  • Gasoline all kinds
  • Gas oil all kinds
  • Sulfur compounds
  • Nitrogen
  • Bitumen all kinds
  • Nitrogen
  • Heavy fuel oil
  • Lubricant Wax
  • LPG
  • Crude
  • LNG
  • JAT A1 Full
  • JAT Full JP 54

All products are based on industry specifications or can be customized to your special requirements Please send us your requirements or specifications, and we will gladly send you our quotations.